Community Service Block Grant

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released the 2019 poverty guidelines. Below is the 125% of poverty guidelines to be utilized when determining eligibility for CBSG services. (For families with more than eight (8) persons, add $5,400 for each additional person.)

Persons in Family 125% of Poverty
1 $15,613.00
2 $21,138.00
3 $26,663.00
4 $32,188.00
5 $37,713.00
6 $43,238.00
7 $48,763.00
8 $54,288.00

Should you have questions, please contact your assigned CSBG Program Specialist.

Documentation Needed for CSBG Appointment

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Social Security Cards (everyone in the household)
  • Proof of Income (Must prove you will be able to maintain if assisted.)
  • Eviction Notice or Proof of Lease or Deposit amount
  • Disconnect Notice or Proof of Deposit amount
  • Prescription with proof of amounts
  • Any supporting documents to prove reduction

*Stability means you have to prove you have enough income to maintain the following months thereafter if we assist you.*

Please call (318)322-7151 the day before your appointment to speak to your case worker if you do not understand what to bring in, best time to call is after 3:30 p.m.

*To schedule an appointment please contact the Central Office*